The olive groves ' Farm Vito Basile found in Montagu and Altavilla (SA) - Italy - in the hills overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea , near the National Park of Cilento , and the Archaeological Site of Paestum.
To better identify the ' area , southbound, S. Maria di Castellabate , Palinuro , Pisciotta and descend Maratea etc. . Heading north there Salerno , the Amalfi Coast ( Ravello , Positano, Amalfi) , and to continue , Naples, Capri , Ischia, Procida.
The olive groves are composed of some cultivars - Frantoio, Leccino , variety is very hardy and the most common parasites of the olive , and good pollinators and partly by secular trees of local varieties .
The cultivation is carried out , for years now, with the integrated system and therefore, in a natural and rational .
The plants are pruned slightly each year to cause the least damage possible ; fertilization is done primarily with natural method or grinding both remnants from pruning the branches together with the ' spontaneous grass , sometimes when needed are sown field beans or other types of herbs for their particular contribution and everything is fine together with the branches. This natural processing system allows the formation of a layer that has a double benefit : to ensure a natural fertilizer and to preserve the plants during the summer ' and in particular during periods of drought.
The treatments take place only where and when needed, as a result of climatic conditions .
Particular attention is paid to the identification of the time of collection, we perform when the olives are changing color from green to black , with a slight advance on the maturation .
The olive harvest is done with the help of special tools to compressed with special combs that are placed on the branches moving quickly and favor the olives fall on the nets spread under the branches ;
takes place on an initial screening ; deletes most of leaves and twigs not because those olives that may result holes that may damage the good ones .
The olives , once collected , are assembled in boxes with holes that facilitate air circulation and prevent the formation of mold that would damage the product .
At this point we proceed to the washing of olives and then proceed to the milling .
The latter, not least, stage of processing takes place in the crusher line. The proximity to the place of collection allows the extraction of oil within a few hours (3 /4) from the collection, in order to prevent that in this delicate phase occurs any alteration of the product .
The system of oil extraction takes place , of course , cold mill with a continuous cycle.
Before being bottled , the oil is decanted into containers of stainless steel in a nitrogen atmosphere and then is transferred into other containers in order to promote a natural purification without the use , that is, mechanical systems (type of our oil promotes an almost complete purification from impurities through the use of this ancient and effective method ) .
This, combined with his other chemical components , makes it particularly stable over time and so it keeps longer than other components that make the extra virgin olive oil , main food of the Mediterranean diet , the main source of monounsaturated fats (which helps to maintain a high level of "good" cholesterol HDL in the blood) , polyunsaturated fatty acids and antioxidants and protect the ' cardiovascular system .
nutritional properties
The extra virgin olive oil has a lipid composition with a very high percentage of oleic acid , a monounsaturated fatty acid of high dietary properties . The extra virgin olive oil is also rich in antioxidants such as hydroxytyrosol , tyrosol , oleuropein , ligstroide . Also contains carotenoids , tocopherols (vitamin E) and phospholipids. The antioxidant properties all'extravergine guarantee a good oxidation resistance , which resulted in higher absolute compared to seed oils , which contain a higher proportion of polyunsaturated fatty acids that absorb faster oxygen, for which you retain less . The virgin is able to block the formation of free radicals and peroxide , substances responsible for cellular aging , also thanks to the high polyphenolic content .
To sum up, the consumption of extra virgin olive oil is recommended as the bearer of a series of preventive and curative benefits , summarized here :
- Reduces the level of LDL cholesterol
- Reduces the risk of occlusion of the arteries
- Reduces blood pressure
- Reduces the amount of sugar in the blood
- It increases the secretion of bile
- Increase your intake of Vitamins A , D, E
- Facilitates the absorption of other vitamins
- Prevents arteriosclerosis
- Prevents myocardial infarction
Olive oil has exceptional qualities , including a high digestibility coefficient which facilitates the absorption and helps digestion .
Extra virgin olive oil is recommended for anyone, of any age. To appreciate and assimilate its qualities it is advisable to use it raw.